Meatless Monday: Edamame


Be a lean, green, protein-eating machine with edamame, one of our favorite meat-free muscle foods! Edamame has approximately 17 grams of protein per cup and is full of heart-healthy fiber, unsaturated fats and antioxidants. You've probably seen these green peas as a sushi bar appetizer, but these young soybeans can also be found in the freezer section of the grocery store and are sold shelled or in the pod (just pop 'em out with your teeth).

To cook up these tasty (green) beans for Meatless Monday, simply toss them into your favorite stir-fry. Need a little more guidance?

Try our recipes below:

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Pea & Edamame Soup with Grilled Cheese Sticks

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Double Rice Pilaf with Creminis & Edamame

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Nutty Asian Noodles with Carrots & Edamame

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Green Alien Ravioli

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