The supercharged green-tea powder has been adding color—and antioxidants—to lattes at your coffee shop and sweet treats at the bakery. Now this Japanese import is working its magic at a beauty counter near you.

matcha green tea powder
Photography by Peter Ardito
| Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

1. Nail it 

Buy some time before your next mani-pedi with Nails Inc Nail Grow Treatment. Rub the gel—full of matcha and vitamins A and E—into cuticles twice a week to keep nails hydrated. $15,

2. Face facts 

Start off your day with the fresh-scented H2O+ Aquadefense Protective Matcha Moisturizer. It's ultra lightweight and packs a broad-spectrum SPF 40. $44,

3. Treat yourself 

Like a smoothie for your skin, the Eborian Perfect Morning BB Mask will leave you feeling fresh and virtuous. Combine the matcha powder in the packet with a little water, slather the mixture on your face, then rinse. It deep-cleans, tightens pores and leaves you with a pretty glow. $32 for 8,

4. Go soft 

Slip the tiny Little Barn Apothecary Matcha + Mint Hydrating Butter Balm tin into your purse for any dry-skin situation. Apply it to lips, cuticles, knees—whatever—a dab of its multitasking salve helps soften the spot fast. $12,

5. Stick it out 

This chubby little stick is great for travel or your gym bag. Massage the Milk Makeup Matcha Cleanser onto damp skin and it morphs into a gently exfoliating, redness-reducing face wash. $26,