With these marvelous manicures, you can be on-trend, right down to your fingertips.

Two-Tone Tips

1. Apply a clear base coat. 2. Apply one coat of opaque red polish and let dry. 3. Paint on one thin coat of glittery gold polish. 4. Dab the gold polish brush over the tips of your nails to lay down the most glitter, pressing lightly to pack in the flecks. Pat the brush down toward the center of each nail so the color fades into a jagged line. 5. Finish with a clear top coat

Bonus tip: Metallic and glittery polishes tend to rub off easily, so apply a durable top coat every week to help your style last.

Two-Tone Nail Tips

Nail Confetti

1. Apply a clear base coat. 2. Apply two coasts of glossy purple or lavender polish. Let dry. 3. Place a thick drop of black or dark charcoal polish on a paper plate. Lightly dip the tip of a ballpoint pen into the polish. 4. Gently press the pen tip onto the center of your nail to create a small dot. Continue the dipping and dotting for each nail, working outward to create a grid or staggering for an abstract effect. (Clean excess polish from the pen every few dots to prevent buildup and messy results.) 5. Finish with a clear top coat.

Nail Confetti Manicure

Newspaper Nails

1. Clip 10 words or images, small enough to fit nails, from a newspaper or magazine. 2. Apply a clear base coat. 3. Paint nails wit a clear or light neutral polish and let dry. 4. Once dry, dip one nail in rubbing alcohol. 5. While the nail is wet from the alcohol, press on the newsprint for a few seconds, pulling off slowly to avoid smudges. 6. Seal with a clear top coat, let dry and repeat on other nails.

Newspaper Print Nails

Marbleized Mani

1. Apply a clear base coat and a coat of pink polish. 2. Cover fingertips and skin around nails with Vaseline. 3. Add a drop each of several polishes in the same color family, like corals and mauves, to a cup of warm water, repeating until you have concentric circles. 4. Working from the outside drag a toothpick through the circles to create a swirl. 5. With your nail face up and parallel to the water, dunk one finger into the cup. 6. Slowly remove the finger; use the toothpick to get rid of excess polish around the nail. Let dry before wiping off the Vaseline. Seal with a clear top coat. Repeat steps 3 to 6 on each nail. 

Bonus tip: Use your favorite complementary shades for a tie-dye effect!

Marbleized Manicure