Marge Simpson

<em>The Simpsons Movie</em> star gives Rachael a peek inside the family fridge.
Marge Simpson

Rachael Ray: Hi, Marge! Thanks for showing us your fridge. The freezer looks like Reykjavik. Do you ever defrost it?

Marge Simpson: I tried to defrost it once. I used an ice chisel and hair dryer, but I finally gave up. I'm hoping global warming will eventually take care of it.

RR: Well, that's understandable—you're a mother of three! What's your favorite supper to make as a busy mom?

MS: Macaroni and cheese, boiled in its own box. It's fast, and the cardboard adds fiber.

RR: I like how you think. If your kids ever made you breakfast in bed, what would you like?

MS: French toast, English muffins and Belgian waffles. While we're in fantasyland, I may as well experience Europe.

RR: Is Lisa still a vegetarian? is it a challenge feeding meat-eaters and meat-freers at the same time?

MS: It's challenging feeding anybody and Homer at the same time. The man's got more suction than a Dyson vacuum!

RR: So, your big movie's out this summer. What's your favorite movie theater snack?

MS: Raisinets are good because they're both candy and fruit. You get the fun of chocolate with all the seriousness of grapes.

RR: And popcorn—with or without butter?

MS: With butter! As Homer always says: "The popcorn is just the delivery system." I wish we could talk about other things sometimes.

RR: I know the Duffs in the fridge are Homer's, but after a long day do you ever swipe a coldie and knock one back?

MS: After and, increasingly, before a long day.

RR: The Swear Jar is looking mighty low. You might want to put a hidden video cam up to see if Bart has been taking out more than he has been putting in.

MS: We had a hidden video cam. Bart stole it.

RR: Are you hoping Maggie will eat more vegetables if you keep her in the produce drawer?

MS: Hmm. If Maggie's in the produce drawer, then what did I just put in the crib?

RR: I should let you go. But one last question: if you could have any three stars, past or present, over for supper, who would get an invite and what would be on the menu?

MS: Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton. I'd feed them a piece of my mind about proper behavior for young ladies! Plus, my famous meatloaf.


1. The Simpsons' favorite fast-food joint is:

A. Carl's and Lenny's Jr.

B. Moe Town

C. Krusty Burger

2. If Marge could have anyone over to dinner, who would it be?

A. Britney Spears

B. Jessica Simpson

C. Paris Hilton

3.Which trademark dish did Marge enter in the Ovenfresh Bakeoff?

A. Dessert Dogs

B. Moon Waffles

C. Meatloaf Men

Answers: 1. C 2. A, B and C 3. A