A take-out party is a great excuse to stay in and get comfy.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005

When everything is rushed and time is short, you might want to call for take-out, but making your own can be a terrific way to entertain. It's totally fun -- and affordable!


tips + how-tos


set the scene

Decorate Your Living Room

I use paper lanterns and I set my table with funky dishes from Mxyplyzyk (mxyplyzyk.com) and matching chopsticks from Kitchen Kapers (kitchenkapers.com)


Put Your Guests in the Mood

Pick up satin tops, kung fu slippers and gorgeous women's slippers at Pearl River (pearlriver.com).


Predict the Future

I've had some made that say, "You will be showered with good duck," but you can write anything you want at Lady Fortunes (ladyfortunes.com).