Grab your wackiest wig and a set of rubber gloves -- this inventors' convention is an experiment gone good!

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005


mad scientist party

tips + how-tos

mad scientist

Do it up right!
Reinvent the Champagne Glass
Fill the bottom of several wide test tubes with a colored liquor, like chartreuse or chambord. As guests arrive, top them off with chilled champagne and serve

Eat Brain Cupcakes
We think these are going to be a scream! Pipe icing on top of cupcakes to look like brains: Just squiggle the pattern back and forth on half of the cupcake, then repeat to match on the other half.

Create a Kitchen "Lab"
Turn your kitchen into a scientists' lair by mixing in plenty of metal platters, like baking sheets or roasting pans. The occasional surgical nod will complete the scene: Use scalpels instead of cheese knives, wads of gauze for napkins, and metal desk lamps for lighting.

Set Out Steaming Beakers
A cluster of smoky flasks is an impressive table centerpiece. Using tongs, fill a few glass vessels with a chunk of dry ice each. Pour lukewarm water over the top and watch them billow.

Require Jackets

Tonight's costume formula = white lab coats + colorful rubber gloves! Accessorize that basic uniform with stethoscopes, wacky ties or bowties, and oversize glasses and lab goggles.

Have a Big-Hair Day
To complete the "mad" look, guys can toss on an untamed white wig and moustache. Ladies, pile your hair high in a bun and tease sections around your face. You want to look as though you just walked out of an experiment gone wacky.