Owl Kids Cap

Rach says: "I wish this knit hat came in my size!"


Faves Little Ones Owl Hat

Uglydoll Cookie Jar

Rach says: "If you're going to get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, might as well have one as funny looking as this!"


Faves Little Ones Cat Cookie Jar

Plush Pets

Rach says: "I can't have Isaboo by my side all the time -- but a custom-sewn pet doll may be the next best thing!"

$125 and up,

Faves Little Ones Stuffed Dog

Eco-Friendly Pencils

Rach says: "Give your favorite doodler a set of mini colored pencils made from sustainable tamarind trees."

$9 for 10,

Faves Little Ones Eco Friendly Colored Pencils

Farm-to-Table Coloring Book

Rach says: "Kids will have fun and learn healthy eating habits from a 'Buy Local Eat Seasonal' coloring book."


Faves Little Ones Coloring Books

Alphabet Cups

Rach says: "It's not hard to teach kiddos their ABCs sipping from letter-themed paper cups."

$10 for 30,

Faves Little Ones Alphabet Cups

NYC Scratching Post

Rach says: "Your sweet kitty may turn into Catzilla when she gets her paws on these cardboard buildings."


Faves Little Ones NYC Scratching Post