Lisa Edelstein

The star of Fox's Emmy-nominated medical drama <em>House</em> gets some good medicine of her own.
Lisa Edelstein


I eat. Every day. but I don't do the usual breakfast, lunch, dinner thing. Each day is different, depending on the episode we're shooting. When I wake up, I always drink tons of Guayakí organic yerba maté tea. I add a few shots of Dr. Foster's Essentials Calcium from Herbs to feed them bones while I'm ingesting all the stimulants. After tea, I do Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga. I can't eat anything beforehand or I'm really, really uncomfortable. When I get home, I down an enormous glass of water spiked with Metagenics Ultra bifidus DF and Ultra dophilus DF for digestive health. It sounds gross, but it's benign. Some days I'll scarf down an organic WholeSoy & Co. yogurt or a handful of organic unsalted roasted almonds.


At work, we have fantastic catering people. They feed the cast and crew all day, and they're sensitive to the needs of picky vegetarians like me. They have delicious salads. I keep mine simple: romaine lettuce, avocado, baked tofu, carrots, tomatoes and Asian dressing. I make a similar salad at home, with romaine, avocado, mango and sesame seeds. later in the day I grab a double soy latte with vanilla soy milk and a wisp of chocolate from an organic market near my house. No day would be complete without chocolate. My favorite: Vosges Creole bar -- it's dark chocolate with cocoa nibs. Holy Toledo, that thing is good.


I try to sit down for one solid meal every day. When I'm home I cook all kinds of vegetarian treats: Indian, Thai or sometimes just good old Italian. I cook with a lot of tempeh -- it's like tofu and made of fermented soybeans. I brown it in oil with onion, garlic and spices, then I add vegetables: I'm obsessed with broccoli, carrots, celery, string beans, snap peas, black kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage -- I could go on! They used to call me "rabbit" when I was a kid. I hate mushrooms, though. I apologize to fungi lovers, but this way, there's more for you!