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Battle of the Citrus Cocktail Sippers

Cocktails, Anyone?

When the summer hits its peak and its so hot and humid that I'm sticking to my car seat, I always crave the most quintessential thirst-quenching summer drink--an ice cold, lip-puckeringly sour and slightly sweet lemon- or limeade. While sure, water is probably the best choice to hydrate, it's the citrus fruit's bracing acidity that delights my palate and makes these beverages so crave-worthy. To get into the Thirsty Thursday spirit, we're ditching the innocent lemonade stand version and going for the more liquored-up libations. Check out the two classic cocktails featuring lemon and lime and leave a comment saying which concoction you'd prefer. Cheers!

Battle of the Citrus Cocktails:
Lemon versus Lime

Lemons Limes

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