Consider this your last reminder to get Mom something that rocks.

Earlier this month we hooked you up with a self-care themed gift guide for the Moms in your life. But hey, we get it. We procrastinate, too. Mothers are pretty darn special people though, so don't let this holiday pass you by. With these three last-minute ideas, you can do something sweet for Mom that will make it look like you had a celebration planned all along.

Carvel card cake
Credit: Courtesy of Carvel

1. A Custom-Designed Ice Cream Cake

Okay, this first one is about to blow your mind— and make you look like the most thoughtful person ever. Carvel, America's favorite ice cream chain, has special edible image technology that lets you put your own colored-in designs, drawings, and photos on cakes. This year for Mother's Day, they've also partnered with big-time blogger Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY to create custom holiday templates that you and the kids can print out and color at home, then bring to a store to have printed in edible icing. The designs are super cute and a little cheeky, which Mindell is known for. "'Cool Mom' on an ice cream cake?" says Mindell. "Couldn't resist!" 

I tried this service out myself and couldn't believe how detailed and accurate the final cake turned out based on my coloring sheet. Pricing starts at $45 and goes up based on size. But for that classic, fudgy ice cream taste (and the kid entertainment and wow factor), we'd say it's well worth it for Mom. And don't worry, there should be designs coming next month for Dads as well. 

Credit: Danielle Blundell

2. A Bouquet of Doughnuts

You might be thinking fresh flowers are the answer. But if you haven't already ordered them, you're going to encounter Valentine's Day-like markups. So instead of sending overpriced blooms (which are going to die anyway!), pop by your local Tim Hortons and pick up a Timbits Bouquet. Bite-sized donuts are always the answer, right? For $8, you get 24 classic flavored donut "flowers" on skewer "stems," and they're boxed up to look just like blooms. They're only available this weekend (May 12 and 13, 2018), so get 'em while they're hot at participating locations.

Timbit Bouquet
Credit: Courtesy of Tim Hortons

3. A Not-Your-Average Box of Chocolates

if you're popping by the mall, you know you can always count on GODIVA to bring it in the chocolate department. This year's limited edition 12-piece Square Spring Chocolate Gift Box is super pretty and priced under $20. So you don't really have an excuse not to spoil Mom with the good stuff.

Godiva Box
Credit: Courtesy of Godiva

What are you waiting for? Get out there now and grab something sweet for Mom. The best part about these gifts is there will be enough for Mom to share.