The Tony-winning actress and star of Deck the Halls tells Rach her junk-food secrets.

Kristin Chenoweth

Rachael Ray: So, first of all, your fridge--it's all drinks! And I've heard you're a foodie. Where's the food?

Kristin Chenoweth: Well, I'm not that great of a cook, Rachael.

RR: Oh, so you love to eat other people's food.

KC: Yes, my friend, but I always have tons of water and soda.

RR: Yeah, you've got every possible beverage.

KC: There's a method to the madness--the Coke is for caffeine headaches, and the Propel is for working out because I hate water.

RR: Me too. I cheat by adding the bubbles or lemon, and it tastes almost like soda.

KC: Trust me, you're not alone!

RR: Now, I'm a short girl--about 5'3" on a good day. You're not the tallest girl in the world either, right?

KC: I'm 4'11".

RR: Oh, you're itty-bitty, like my mom--she's 4'9". But a big voice comes out of that itty-bitty body. So, I've got a question for you: Who purchased this fridge? Because the freezer is on the bottom. I'm not picking on you, but do you need a step stool to get to the top shelf?

KC: Sometimes, but there's not a lot up there that I use all the time.

RR: So that's where you hide the stuff you want to keep.

KC: Yes. That's where the wine is.

RR: That's awesome. I've never had I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, so I want to know, since you have it in your door, can you believe it's not butter?

KC: I can't believe you've never had it, Rachael.

RR: I'm an olive oil girl--EVOO. Does it really taste like butter?

KC: You know, it resembles it.

RR: We'll leave it at that. All right, you have movies out now with Mathew Broderick and Will Ferrell, two of the most talented men. Who would you rather have over for dinner? And not based on which one you like better. Who's funnier?

KC: They're both actually very calm and very normal.

RR: Sometimes the funniest people on camera are the most calm, cool and collected people off camera.

KC: They are. You know, I worked with Will a bit before, in Bewitched, but I've worked with Matthew plenty of times so, obviously, I'm going to say Matt just because I know him well and he makes me laugh.

RR: And with Will, it would be hard for you guys to hear each other. You're so tiny, and he's so tall! So I heard you sort of have a thing for fast food--is that true?

KC: Well, my favorite is this place called Chick-fil-A.

What's Kristin's favorite fast-food joint?
 B. Chick-fil-A
 C. Sonic  

How tall is Kristin?
 A. 4'11"
 B. 5'7"
 C. Same as Rachael--5'3"

Which staple of Kristin's has Rach yet to try?
 A. Perrier
 B. Coke
 C. I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

If she had to pick just one, which costar would Kristen invite to dinner?
 A. Matthew Broderick
 B. Jeff Daniels
 C. Will Ferrell

Answers: 1.B 2.A 3.C 4.A