They work magic at the stove, but betcha didn't know your kitchen tools could be just as handy making sandcastles! Put your spatula, ice cream scoop and basting brush to good use at the beach.
beach fun

Basting brushes
 Smooth away mistakes. Use their pliable bristles to wipe away loose grains or design bloopers.

Offset spatulas
 Level off towers and trim walls or steps without crushing the structure -- their sides are slightly serrated.

Ice cream scoops
 Clear sand from small areas that square shovels might overwhelm.

Loaf pans
 Build towers. Pack them with slightly wet sand, wait a moment, then turn them over. Cake pans work well, too.

Measuring spoons
 Scallop edges. Cut into the sand horizontally first, then push down. Twist the handle side to side to make perfect mounds.

Cookie cutters
 Stencil designs. Press them into sandy surfaces to create shapes in walls or make fun borders around castles.