Kitchen Timers

Reach for these clocks when every second counts.
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kitchen timers

1) OXO Good Grips Analog Timer
(For the budget cook who bakes lots of casseroles)
UPSIDE No battery required; easy-to-use dial; easy-to-read angled face; nonslip bottom.
DOWNSIDE Only clocks up to 1 hour; alarm only sounds for 15 seconds.

2) Polder Digital Rotary Timer
(For the cook who doesn't want to be tied to the kitchen)
UPSIDE Easy-to-read LCD display; easy-to-use dial; counts up after alarm sounds; neck strap for hands-free use.
DOWNSIDE Requires a magnetic surface to stand upright.

3) West Bend Triple Timer with Clock
(For the cook who has multiple burners going)
UPSIDE Also functions as a clock; three timers, each with a distinct alarm; programmable for hours, minutes and seconds; counts up after alarm sounds.
DOWNSIDE Expensive; small buttons can be inconvenient for big hands; magnet affixed to the back came unglued.

4) Orka Egg Timer
(For hard-boiled-egg fans)
UPSIDE Also functions as a clock; easy-to-use digital dial; counts up once alarm sounds.
DOWNSIDE Flimsy plastic construction; reset button is on bottom.

5) CDN Extra Big Digit Timer
(For the cook with less than 20/20 vision)
UPSIDE Large, easy-to-read display; counts up after alarm sounds; last-count recall.
DOWNSIDE Must hold minute or second key down for a while to set time.


Deviled Eggs

*Prices and other details were accurate when we published this article in March 2009.