Kids' Halloween Costume Makeup

Rachael Ray's buddy Gretta Monahan has some tricks for winning Halloween costumes that start with Mom's makeup bag.

Zombie Costume Makeup How-To

Grab concealer, dark eye shadow, dark eyeliner pencil and hair gel to get the best effect.
1. Dab concealer on and around the lips and mouth. This will create a pale effect without a face full of makeup.
2. Dip an eyeshadow brush in a dark matte shade and dust it over the upper eyelid and under the lower lashes.
3. Tap a tiny bit of the same shadow onto a large blush brush and run it up and down the cheekbones to create a sunken look.
4. Draw stitches with a soft black eyeliner pencil: Make 1-inch lines perpendicular to the lips.
5. Slick a dime-size drop of hair gel through the hair to dampen it.

Halloween Zombie Makeover

More Zombie Costume Tips

What's great about a zombie is that, as one of the undead, your little one can wear regular clothes -- no special costume needed! You can also play around with this face and easily turn it into a vampire (draw pointed fangs instead of "stitches"), a Franken-monster (draw a few bolts on the forehead) or a ghost (no additional mouth paint and more concealer or pressed powder).

Kids Halloween Zombie Makeover

Kitty Costume Makeup How-To

You'll want black and colored eyeliner pencils, and a little bit of glitter or sparkly eyeshadow to create the purr-fect feline face.
1. Draw a circle on the tip of the nose with a soft black eyeliner pencil and fill it in.
2. Starting half an inch from the nose, draw three whiskers (about 2 inches long) per cheek. Use the ears as guidelines: Aim a whisker toward each earlobe, the middle of the ear and the top of the ear.
3. Roll the tip of a cotton swab in glitter, then rub it over the ends of the whiskers, leaving glittery patches. Repeat on the tip of the nose.
4. Use the black eyeliner pencil to draw two lines from the outer edges of each eye -- one extending from the top lid, the other from the bottom. Fill in the space between them with colored eyeliner.

Kid's Halloween Kitty Makeover

Kitty Costume Tips

A black shirt and pants work for any cat, but if you have any animal print clothing that's fun, too. For kids with long enough hair, you can skip the kitten ears and instead twist sections of hair up into little buns on top of their heads, securing with a hairband or bobby pins. And for those little ones who prefer pups or other furry friends, you can easily switch up this costume (try side-head ponytails for "ears").

Kid Halloween Kitty Makeover

Superhero Costume Makeup How-To

A few face-paint crayons and a little glitter hair-spray will turn your kids into their favorite characters on Halloween.
1. Using face-paint crayons (available at Halloween or party stores), draw alternating strips of color vertically onto the eyelids, extending to the brows. Place an eye mask over your work, or rest it on the forehead.
2. With the crayons, draw a hero-worthy design on one cheek: Try a lightning bolt outlined in black, or a bright star. Let them pick the cheek!
3. To jazz up the hair, spritz in a layer of spray-on hair glitter.
4. Brighten the smile (trust me, they’ll have one!) with some red lip tint. Be sure to choose one that’s not easily licked off.

Kids Halloween Super Hero Makeover

Superhero Costume Tips

You don't need special powers to make this costume -- imagination is all it takes. If your kids have a favorite superhero, look up a picture so you can get the details exactly right. For the extras, you can make a mask out of paper (be sure to adjust the eyeholes correctly) and use a pillowcase as a cape.

Girl Halloween Super Hero Makeover