The cookbook author gives Rach an open-door tour of her fridge.
Katie Lee Joel

Rachael Ray: Hey, cutie, thanks for showing us your fridge. I see a ton of fruits and veggies in there. You must love your leafy greens.

Katie Lee Joel: I still hear my mother saying to me, "Have you had your greens today?" She ingrained that into my mind. I love bell peppers, and my husband, Billy [Joel], is always snacking on radishes.

RR: I love radishes, too -- nice and spicy. I know you're a great baker -- do you also cook?

KLJ: Yup. Meatloaf is our favorite, and the leftovers are even better the next day. I love a cold meatloaf sandwich with lots of mayonnaise and ketchup. I'm a condiment queen.

RR: Me too, but I go for the mustard.

KLJ: I think that I eat french fries just so I can have ketchup!

RR: Has Billy ever cooked for you?

KLJ: His specialties are steak and spaghetti bolognese.

RR: That's a good repertoire. Does he have any favorites that you make for him?

KLJ: Peach cobbler is his all-time No. 1 request. He loves my brownies and strawberry shortcake, too.

RR: How many nights a week do you guys cook when he's not on the road?

KLJ: We like to stay home about four nights a week. There's nothing better than being in the kitchen together and enjoying each other's company.

RR: Do you remember the first meal you had together?

KLJ: Yes -- he was really trying to impress me. We had pasta with white truffles. He said he fell in love with me because I ate like a truck driver.

RR: Oh, what a great first meal! Now, if you were to have a dream dinner party, who are some people you might invite?

KLJ: Well, of course, you and John -- and my family. I miss having Sunday dinners with them in West Virginia.

RR: Nobody's better than family. So what are your favorite foods? Mine are olive oil, bread, cheese and pasta.

KLJ: This may sound weird, but I love broccoli with cheese sauce, and I'm addicted to pizza.


1. What's the first meal Katie and Billy had together?

A. Fettuccine alfredo

B. Pepperoni pizza

C. Pasta with truffles

2. If Katie could have anyone to dinner, who would it be?

A. Tina Fey

B. Josh Holloway

C. Rachael Ray

3. What's the name of Katie's new cookbook?

A. The Comfort Table

B. The Southern Girl's Guide to Grub

C. Katie's Kitchen

Answers: 1. C 2. C 3. A