Barbecue expert, cookbook author and executive chef of the Hill Country Barbecue Market restaurants, Elizabeth Karmel shares her best barbeque secrets.

ABC's "Good Morning America" - 2012

1. Be a glaze guru

Most sauces contain sugar, which burns fast, so wait until the last 20 or 30 minutes of cooking to add sauce to your barbecue. That's enough time for the sauce to set and caramelize.

2. Rub it right

The best way to apply rub evenly is to hold your hand a foot above the meat and sprinkle like it's raining. Gently pat the rub onto the meat. Don't rub it in—that can damage the meat's fragile fibers.

3. Up the humidity

To keep meat juicy when smoking, pour apple juice or beer into the drip pan, then place it near the heat source. The liquid will add moisture.

4. Give it a wrap

If your meat is dark but not tender enough, loosely wrap it in two layers of heavy-duty foil, crimping the top and sides. Finish grilling it over low, indirect heat.

5. Get picky about your pig

Buy a bone-in pork butt with a thick fat cap. The bone will add flavor from the inside out; the fat will baste the meat as it cooks and become crispy once the meat's done.

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