Juicy New Watermelon Goodies

We're calling it: This will be the summer of the watermelon. Just as pineapples were the preppy pattern of 2016, soon everything from shoes and bags to table runners and throw pillows will be pink and green and seedy all over. Go ahead and take a bite!
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watermelon tumbler and pitcher set

This acrylic Watermelon Tumbler Set with Pitcher comes with four glasses that nest inside it when not in use. $48, draperjames.com

watermelon helmet

Protect your rind with an adult-size Watermelon Helmet. $70, nutcasehelmets.com

watermelon basket

No picnic tote is more ’grammable than this wicker Watermelon Basket. $25, homegoods.com for stores

watermelon pillow

No matter how you slice it, a cheery Watermelon Pillow will sweeten up any space. $19, landofnod.com

watermelon cutting and serving board

Chop up—what else?—the melon of the moment, and anything else you please on this Cutting and Serving Board. $20, dexas.com