Have you ever had a sip of juice and thought, "the only thing that would make this juice better is alcohol"? Those were our exact thoughts upon trying Red Jacket Orchards cold-pressed juice. Red Jacket Orchards is located in upstate New York, and ever since 1958, the company has been dedicated to harvesting and offering only the freshest produce and juice.

Photo courtesy of Red Jacket Orchards

Cold-pressed juice differs from regular fruit juice in the way it's made, preserved and stored:

"We take fresh fruit, chop it, and press the cold mash into juice (using traditional "rack and cloth" methods). This juice is kept cold (at 34 degrees) to maintain its freshness. We do not add any enzymes, nor do anything to "clarify" the juice (like heating). Our process is completely devoid of heat save for the critical step in our flash pasteurization process that ensures safety. For a total of 20 seconds the juice is flash-heated to about 170 degrees killing any possible bacteria, then immediately re-chilled to 34 degrees. It's then bottled cold…shipped to market cold… and ready for you to enjoy fresh and cold!"

With such fun and unique flavors like Strawberry Apple, Blackcurrant Apple and Black Cherry Stomp, mornings are instantly made better and more exciting. And so are happy hours.


We had the pleasure of tasting some original Red Jacket Cocktails at Reclamation Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They were light and fresh, perfect for summer and-- the best part-- only required 2-3 ingredients! These would be perfect cocktails for a summer evening on the patio, or afternoon picnic in the park. Try your hand at making one of them this weekend!

Strava – Sparkling Wine/Cava and RJO Strawberry Apple Blend
FuGin – Brooklyn Gin, RJO Fuji Apple Blend and Club Soda
Bourgeois - Bulleit Bourbon, Joe's NY Style Lemonade and Club Soda
Appito – Tito's Vodka and RJO Cranberry Apple Blend

Find where to purchase a bottle of Red Jacket juice here.

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