Christmas carols aren't just for singing around grandma's piano. This year, gather your gang around a microphone and a holiday playlist for a holly jolly carol-oke night!


Deck Your Halls!

This party's festive setup couldn't be easier: Use one or all of the following ideas to spread the holiday spirit and wet your crowd's whistles!

Wall of Fame

Hang tinsel or shiny garlands against a wall to create a backdrop where guests can belt out the tunes -- and take hilarious party photos.


Hand-Y Trick

Slide napkins and silverware into woolly mittens and pile them on your buffet table. When guests leave, hand them out (in pairs) as cozy parting gifts.

Cute Downloads

Celebrate your holiday on ice. Download our printable labels and stick them onto blank CDs to mimic records. Then, download and print out our classic holiday songbook to share with your guests!

Caroloke CD Coasters

Sing-Along Runner

Strike the right chord with a table runner made from holiday sheet music, either purchased or printed from the Web. Secure sheets to a red or green paper tablecloth with double-sided tape.


Drinks in a Drum

Give an ordinary punch bowl the look of a toy drum: Attach colorful ribbon around the top and bottom rims with double sided tape. Glue rope onto the ribbon in a zigzag design.

Song Switcheroo

Turn tune selection into a game: Roll up song sheets and secure with ribbon. Put guests in order: The person with the birthday closest to Christmas is number 1, next closest, number 2 and so on.


Choose a Scroll

Have Guest 1 choose a scroll and announce which song he's got. Then Guest 2 unwraps a scroll and can either keep her carol or trade for Guest 1's. Guest 3 can keep her song or trade for either Song 1 or Song 2. Keep going until every guest has a song.


Crown the Caroling King or Queen

Leave out trays of sleigh bells, cowbells or other noisemakers for guests to ring their approval after contestants perform. The singing that gets the most exuberant ringing wins.

Sleigh bells

Candy Competition

Or, if your guests are the competitive type, put it to a vote: Place a bowl of candy canes on the table and an empty jar for each performer. After each act, guests can score the contestant by giving them 0 to 3 candy-cane "points."

Candy canes

A Star is Born

The guest (or team of guests) who wins takes home a gingerbread trophy.


Rum-Pa-Pum Punch

After a glass or two of this punch, your guests will be begging to perform at the karaoke stand.

Rum-Pa-Pum Punch

Jingle Bell Rock Shrimp

The best part about these spicy-sweet appetizers is that you can still hold the mic while you nibble!

Jingle Bell Rock Shrimp

Stars of Wonder Mini Pizzas

It doesn't get more festive (or easy!) than star-shaped pizza bites.

Star of Wonder Mini Pizzas

Santa-Pasti Wreath

Let your creativity loose with this assorted meat and veggie tray. The antipasta-bilities are endless!