Our art director and her husband are hitting the road in a souped-up campervan for a full-on Wild West adventure! Sleeping in the desert. Crazy road food. The works. Follow them here for the best of what they're doing, seeing, and eating en route.

arches 2

Day five:
Time to hit the road for the four-hour drive to Arches National Park. Our first thought on arrival: Stunning!!! Followed immediately by, Hotttttttt!!! By 10 a.m., it was already 92 degrees, which perhaps explains why we were able to score a rare camping site on the Colorado River in the canyons. Only us and the crickets!

photo 5

The next day, we woke up early and hiked to the iconic Delicate Arch. Otherworldly landscape aside, the greatest thing about visiting Arches is that you can do a combination of hiking and driving there. So you can get some exercise, then escape the heat!!!

photo 1

Another great way to escape the heat there? Margaritas! Took us a bit to get to the restaurant, as we had to explain to some interested Swedes what our van was all about. But once we settled into our table at Fiesta Mexicana, someone had to explain to us what these walls were all about! This crazy place packs thousands—and I mean thousands—of pictures of sombrero-topped guests! But the setting isn't just hilarious; it's thoughtful: There are magical misting machines to take the edge off the heat. Still, nothing like a tasty—and giant—margarita to cool off in the desert.

photo 3