Our art director and her husband are hitting the road in a souped-up campervan for a full-on Wild West adventure! Sleeping in the desert. Crazy road food. The works. Follow them herefor the best of what they're doing, seeing, and eating en route.

photo 1

Day three:

After a night in our amazing off-road campsite (check out the view!), we said goodbye to Zion for a little while—and hit the road to Bryce Canyon.

But something stopped us along the way: food!! Bob is a man of many breakfasts and by 9 a.m., he was ready for his second of the day. Lucky for us, we happened to be right by the Thunderbird Diner, a local institution founded by a husband-wife team in the 1930s.

photo 3

The wife's pies were reportedly legend among truck drivers, and if the breakfast we polished off was any indication, her spirit is still alive and well.

As for this sign: The diner's founder abbreviated "home-made" in a very...particular way so everything would fit on the sign. And you know...the tagline stuck!

photo 4

After the drive to Bryce, we needed a place to crash, but once again, we were thwarted by the kickoff to summer travel season: Every campsite we tried was full. Luckily, we had our home on wheels, and after talking to some super-jealous park rangers who showed up to check it out, we we headed to the highly recommended Dixie National Forest. Beautiful!

photo 3

Nothing out there but us and our steak dinner, complete with G and Ts.

One funny aside: Over the past few days, we've actually seen quite a few other Jucy vans, a surprise given how recently the company came to the US from New Zealand (2012). Anyway, we all wind up saying hello to each other by flashing our lights and honking. Hilarious!