Rach goes on location with the Survivor host--and hits the beach to look inside his tropical-island fridge.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005
Jeff Probst

Rachael Ray: This is the first interview I've done with someone on a desolate island! But I feel bad--I'm calling you from a home with running water. You hanging in there?

Jeff Probst: Yeah, I am, actually. We're filming Survivor in Samoa, the most beautiful spot I've ever been to, and I'm staying in a little house on the Pacific Ocean. This is our 10th anniversary, so they gave me running water. It's payback!

RR: You deserve it after roughing it for so long. I see tropical fruit and a giant fish in your fridge. Has that been your diet?

JP: That's basically what we've been eating the whole time--and coconuts, which are native to the island. They're really tasty, but if you wonder how fattening they are, just look at the Samoans: They're big people. Beautiful, but big!

RR: Have you ever been served something in these remote locations that you'll never eat again?

JP: We shot our first season in Malaysia, and the kitchen department was just a local family who would cook meals for the crew. They served us fish heads every single day. I think sashimi is beautiful, but to see a fish head with an eyeball looking at you is disgusting. I lost 27 pounds that season.

RR: What's the first thing you eat when you get home?

JP: Pretty boring stuff, actually. I crave raw fruits and vegetables, but the kind that I can't get on a tropical island. I want chopped bell peppers or an apple with peanut butter. Those things would taste like heaven to me right now.

RR: It's the simple things. Are there meals you like to cook?

JP: I make a mean meat-and-veggie stir-fry. And I'm a great omelet maker, but I'm still trying to perfect my pan flip.

RR: John is fantastic at flipping. I'll hook you guys up for a lesson when you get back. So, you're helping promote the Entertainment Industry Foundation's I Participate program.

JP: It's pretty exciting. From October 19 to October 25, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC will produce programming about volunteerism. Shows like Desperate Housewives and Ghost Whisperer will have story lines about doing charity work. Viewers can go to iparticipateusa.org to get involved locally.

RR: Very cool. A lot of people want to help out but don't know how. So, here's my final question: If you could invite anyone over for dinner, whom would you ask?

JP: I'd go with George Clooney. I want to get him a little drunk to find out what a weekend in Clooney's shoes is like!

Jeff's Island Wish List

1. A guitar to pass the time
2. An iPod loaded with Dave Matthews and Michael Franti
3. An endless supply of chocolate chip ice cream
4. A large tarp for tropical, rainy nights
5. An automatic scalp massager...because it just feels good