One day's food diary of the fashion icon.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005
Isaac Mizrahi

I wake up at 7 a.m. and brew some house-blend decaf from Jefferson Market. I try to ignore the chocolate-marshmallow candies on the counter that my friend Rita made. I shower, then give in and eat one. I'm elated from the sugar rush. I decide I've eaten my allotted Weight Watchers points for breakfast.

I eat a container of tasty chicken soup from Joe Jr.'s for lunch at my studio. I stop by home to inspect a table that's just been refinished. It looks gorgeous. As a celebration, I eat another chocolate candy. As I'm eating it, I break down the Weight Watchers point count to about four points per piece. And I figure there are nuts in the candy, so it's good fat. I have another.

Back at my studio, I have a few peanut M&M's. More protein. Two more points. At home I have some celery sticks and salsa. No points. I decide I can sneak in one more candy. I'm starting to wonder if I've overestimated the points in each, and I settle on three instead of four. That means I've only had nine points from the candies. I eat another.

I dine at Bottino, which is surprisingly quiet--only a tiny throng of glitterati. I have a piece of delicious bread with butter. That and vanilla ice cream are the two things I'd request on a desert island. I have a salad, then a bowl of spicy seafood soup--mussels, clams and fish in a garlicky red broth. So good! I share a tiny parfait of chocolate pudding with two friends. I can't figure out the points for a few tablespoons of dessert, so they go unrecorded.

I make a big cup of chamomile tea. I reevaluate the number of points in one of Rita's candies and settle on one and a half. Unless I eat two more, I will be under my daily points allotment. I eat three. The good news is, Rita's candy is almost gone.