Wide World of Hangover Cures

Cocktails, Anyone?

Everybody’s favorite bombed squad is back this month in The Hangover Part III and, as usual, hurting the morning after. So we give them (and you!) hangover remedies as wacky as the Wolf Pack itself. --David Farley

May 2013_Hangover

Photo by Levi Brown

(Pictured from left to right)

In Mongolia, hangover relief is in the eye of the beholder--if you happen to hang out with livestock. Pop a pickled sheep's eyeball in some tomato juice, swirl and gulp. Whatever you do, don't chew! (Don't worry, folks--the eye above is fake!)

Mexico's go-to hair of the dog is a michelada, a frosty mug of beer typically spiked with tomato juice, worcestershire sauce, lime and a kick of spicy heat.

Waking up wrecked in Poland can make you quite the sourpuss: Among the most trusted local hangover cures is pickle juice. Straight up.


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