Instant Weekend Get-Togethers

Bored by brunch-time? No matter where you live, these fun get-together ideas will give you that weekend feeling all the way up to Monday morning.
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  • Don't have a garden to tend on a leisurely weekend? Flex your green thumb inside with a new window box or houseplant. Try an easy-to-grow philodendron or an air-purifying (and pretty!) peace lily.
  • The nearest park may not be within walking distance, but a field day with friends will make it worth the trip. Take the dog for a stroll down the walking trail or brush up on your bocce ball game. At the very least, dust off that Frisbee. (We know you've got one somewhere.)
  • Since you probably won't score a matinee discount in the city (like your suburbanite counterparts), save bucks your own way and host an afternoon home screening. Use the money you didn't spend on tickets to buy snacks.

Throw a Green Get-Together

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Host a Prime-Time TV Dinner Party

  • Be an art nerd, even if you don't have a major museum nearby. Gather friends and make collages inspired by your favorite artists, learn about an unfamiliar movement or check out the local college's gallery. If it's a snuggle-in-bed kind of day, rent a classic museum flick like The Thomas Crown Affair.
  • Take a cue from city brunches. Most urbanites don't sit down to this weekend ritual until after traditional breakfast and lunch hours. On a weekend afternoon, turn your kitchen into a sidewalk café -- and shake up your routine -- by mixing breakfast and lunch dishes. After all, when else are pancakes and french fries an acceptable combination?
  • Vintage stores are half the fun of city shopping, but if there's no trendy thrift store around the corner stocked with jewelry and scarves, then shop the next-best spots -- garage and estate sales. (The earlier, the better!)

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