Instant Cocktail Party

Ten ingredients and a few easy recipes add up to an instant cocktail party.
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Sometimes, the less you plan, the better things turn out. Before you dash off to the store, take a quick survey of your kitchen and find some promising ingredients on hand: Frozen peas will turn into a puree for crostini; frozen mixed berries will make a great base for a fizzy cocktail; and a stash of eggs is just begging to be deviled. Thanks to a well-stocked pantry (check our Every Day essentials list), all you need is a bottle of vodka and a few last-minute groceries.

Every Day essentials


Easy, Cheesy Crisps

Hot Deviled Eggs

Goat Cheese-Stuffed Basil Leaves

Sweet Pea-Mint Crostini

Ricotta-Honey Crostini

Basil-Lemon Gimlets

Berry Fizz


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tips + how-tos



Spice up your cocktail party with a garnish-your-own-rim bar. Just put out a bowl of lemon wedges (for wetting the glass rims) and plates of flavored sugars, salts and crushed candies. We chose these for the Basil-Lemon Gimlets.

Hot and salty: A few dashes of cayenne pepper mixed with coarse salt

Sweet and sour: Sugar In The Raw mixed with lemon zest

Lemon drop: Crushed lemon candies (use a food processor)

Get the recipe for Basil-Lemon Gimlets