It’s the first place you go when you wake and the best spot to unwind after a long day, so show your bathroom some love and it’ll return the favor in spades.
sweet-retreat bathroom and squeegee
Photography by Gap Interiors/Bureaux; Illustration by Joel Holland
| Credit: Photography by Gap Interiors/Bureaux; Illustration by Joel Holland

1. Win the War on Mildew

A slim freestanding rack offers a place to drape and dry linens and won't eat up lots of space. Lean a vintage ladder against a wall for a similar effect. Rungs become towel bars, and corners can be used as robe hooks—no hammer necessary.

2. Get Your Leafy Greens

Plants can add life to a small space. Research greenery that works with your light and humidity situation.

3. Upgrade Your Tub

Self-care isn't just for Sundays if you have a bathtub at your disposal. Give a worn-out claw-foot, alcove, or drop-in a face-lift by reglazing or relining it.

4. Splurge on Tile

Turn your floor into a showpiece with patterned matte cement tiles. Black-and white designs have staying power over whatever color Pantone is pushing this year.

* Clear doors kill it on Insta. But to spend less time with a squeegee, opt for frosted glass instead.