Turn one of your biggest seasonal time sucks into an epic hang. How it works: Friends bring over a few rolls of paper and some unwrapped gifts. You provide scissors, tape, ribbon, toppers, drinks, and bites. Everyone leaves with a stack of pretty presents—and one less thing on their to-do lists.
diy wrapping paper
Photography by Peter Ardito
| Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

Top row: Stretch a tight supply of ribbon by wrapping horizontally around gifts and using tinsel, herbs, and ornaments as stand-ins for bows. 

Middle row: Tiny pom-poms punch up plain white wrap. Clusters of festive pinwheels (from cocktail toothpicks) and paper straws offer a modern alternative to boughs of holly and candy canes. 

Bottom row: Mix things up with off-center bows. Create hanging ornaments with small honeycomb tissue globes and diamonds plus washi tape for the string.

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