Flour Shop Founder Amirah Kassem Throws an Instagram-Worthy Friendsgiving

Celebrate Friendsgiving in technicolor with baker Amirah Kassem, her signature sweets, and her NYC #squad.
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Amirah Kassem at dessert table

Amirah, founder of the Flour Shop bakery in New York City, puts the finishing touches on a dessert table that features her frosted, nonpareil-covered Rainbow Explosion Cake, a mixed-berry pie cake, and rainbow cake balls.

For Amirah Kassem, owner of the Flour Shop bakery in New York City and creator of the Insta-famous sprinkle-explosion cake, Thanksgiving presents an opportunity to combine two of her favorite things: food and friends. Raised in Mexico, Amirah celebrated the holiday but not in her way until she moved to Los Angeles for college. In the years since, Turkey Day has become her favorite time to host because, well, Girl likes to bake up a storm! Her ideal table? A sugar-high-inducing spread of multicolored desserts shared with her husband, Ross Harrow, and their crew. "Friendsgivings are usually potlucks, but I wanted to treat my friends and team to sweets," says Amirah. "These magical people are my New York family."

ariel view of Amirah Kassem's dessert table

"I love bright, glittery things, but when it comes to serving pieces and plates, keep it simple," says Amirah. "White or clear glass goes with everything and puts the focus on the food."

Luckily the couple’s apartment in New York City’s Soho neighborhood is made for entertaining. Two white dining tables, placed end-to-end behind the living room sofa, can seat 12, while the kitchen, right off the entryway, is a natural place for guests to gather while Amirah bakes. The home’s palette, “rainbow with black, white, and gold accents” (as Amirah describes it), seems to be a life philosophy as much as it is a color scheme. And instead of the standard pies or table runner, Amirah does her own thing: trays teeming with sprinkle-dusted cakes, set off by a spectrum of painted mini pumpkins. “I grew up surrounded by color,” says Amirah. “So it’s part of everything I do, from what I bake to how I decorate.” 

early bird guests in kitchen and Rainbow Explosion Cake

Early-bird guests, including pal (and Rach’s stylist) Cara Jammet (above left, on the right), hang out in the kitchen. Fun fact: Amirah named her Cara the Unicorn Cake after Cara, who loves unicorns. That cake, as well as Amirah’s classic six-layer Rainbow Explosion Cake (above, right), spills sprinkles, nonpareils, and colored chocolates from its center like a piñata when sliced.  See for yourself:

Amirah Kassem twirling friend Lacey Watts

Why not have a post-dessert dance party? Here, Amirah gives Lacey Watts, her friend and Flour Shop right hand, a twirl.

shiny shelf in Amirah Kassem apartment

A shelfie captures Amirah’s style perfectly: clean lines, bold hues, and shiny finishes.

Amirah Kassem's living room

High-contrast is the name of the decor game in the living room, from the striped curtains to the colorful couch-and-pillows combo.

candy skewers in champagne on pink motto napkin

Amirah is all about details: Candy skewers dress up rosé Champagne, and custom hot-pink napkins have her motto, Sprinkles and Smiles, printed on them (above).

Amirah topping off drinks and guests drinking champagne

Amirah tops off drinks for her hubby, Ross (above left, at the head of the table), and guests with a bottle of La Caravelle Champagne, which happens to be made by the mother of Amirah’s friend Pat Jammet (above right).