How to Tell if Someone Likes Your Cooking

Discover what they really think about your cooking. Body language expert Patti Wood says to look for these telling gestures.
decode dinner guests

Closed Eyes

When food tastes really good, some people shut their eyes to block out other senses and enjoy it. Take this as a sign that you did something right!

Scrunched Nose and Lips

Unhappy eaters might slightly turn up their noses and lips when they're displeased with a bite. It lasts an instant, so watch the person you most want to satisfy.

Stomach Touching

Often assumed to mean someone is full, touching the stomach after eating actually signifies satisfaction. "They want to hold in the pleasant feeling," says Wood.

Turning away

Whereas people who like their food will surround their plate, those who don't will often lean away, pulling back their chests or leaning against the back of the chair.