With these four tips, you'll be that much closer to crossing "wrap presents" off your holiday to-do list.
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Courtesy of Target
| Credit: Courtesy of Target

Here at Rachael Ray Every Day, we're suckers for time savers. And we've met our match in blogger Camille Styles, Target Home Style Expert and all-around lifestyle maven. We turned to her for a few tricks for making present-wrapping quick, easy and still fit for the 'gram. By the way, it's totally not too late to throw a holiday wrapping party with your friends. Anything to make this process less of a chore! Here's how Camille gets it done.

Create a Christmas command center. Camille likes to set up a "supplies station" in a guest bedroom, home office or garage (if yours isn't too cold this time of year). Corral papers in a wire basket, and stash labels, tape and ribbon in a cute crate.

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Be personal. "I love finding ways to personalize each gift under the tree so the recipient knows I put a little extra thought into making them feel special," says Styles. "My obsession this year are the new Wondershop personalization options (pictured below) available online and in select Target stores." About 80 stores across the country have these stations set up now, and you can put loved ones' names on anything from stockings and gift sacks to ornaments and wrapping paper. The best part? They print while you shop, and they'll even be open for business on Christmas Eve.

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It's all about the topper. Honestly, you don't have to have fancy paper (or even be a pro wrapper) if you can distract the giftee with a cute topper. "DIY a cute twig or snowflake gift topper," says Styles. "Or keep things really easy by tucking these faux greenery sprigs under black velvet ribbon."

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Get creative with your wrapping materials.  Presents don't have to be wrapped in paper. Camille buys tea towels in bulk and uses them to gift neighbors and friends baked goods. "My go-to hostess gift is a homemade loaf of my rosemary and apple zucchini bread wrapped up in one of these great flour-sack towels," says Camille. You could also do the same thing to wrap up a bottle of wine or champagne. When the packaging is part of the present, the gift keeps on giving. 

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