We asked Mitch Cohen, the world's fastest ice cream scooper (his record: 18 cones a minute), how to scoop like a pro.

how to scoop ice cream

Ice cream, you scream, there's nothing like homemade ice cream. But even if you're serving store-bought, these tips will help you get pretty cones every time.

STEP 1 Dip the scoop into warm water and shake off any excess. Repeat between scoops.

STEP 2 Scoop at an angle in an "S" pattern, then around the edges of the carton, so the surface stays even. "Don't dig a hole in the center," Cohen says. "Ice cream melts from the outside in."

STEP 3 Gently tap the scoop to release the ice cream into a bowl; for cones, press the scoop down on the cone to seal, then pull it away.