How to Salvage Valentine's Day

If you forgot to make dinner reservations, legendary <em>Love Connection</em> host Chuck Woolery has a plan B.
salvage v day

1. Make a Homemade Card
Woolery says good old-fashioned Crayolas are best for sending a message from the heart.

2. Buy Flowers -- Stat!
Avoid red roses and try something new. If you live somewhere warm, take note: Handpicked flowers trump store-bought every time.

3. Get Cooking
Woolery would make his "picnic loaf," bread stuffed with sausage, mozzarella and parmesan, but in a pinch, he recommends picking up finger food like sushi or hummus with pita. "Just put some effort into it," he says. "And if your date doesn't have a sense of humor about it, find another valentine!"

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