How to Remove a Stuck Item from a Vending Machine

It's the best cure for the midday slump...until the machine's evil coils conspire against you. Mark Koerner, founder of DVC Vending, warns that shaking a machine is dangerous, but these handy approaches might free your snack.
vending machine

If You're an Intern...

Wait several seconds. You're a child of the techno boom, so you know that modern machines are equipped with new Golden Eye technology that will detect the jam and dispense your snack.

If You're a Stressed-Out Assistant...

You need chocolate (now) and are too underpaid to put in 75 more cents! But before you start kicking the machine, try opening and closing the door a few times. If the motion doesn't jostle it loose, the suction might.

If You're a Vice President...

You're all business, all the time, so you know how to get someone else to take care of this. Alert your company about the snag: "Some offices have petty cash for reimbursing people," says Koerner.


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