Clean up your act in your home’s trickiest spots with these smart strategies, inspired by our favorite pros who literally wrote the book(s) on organizing.

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Home Office

organize home office book
Credit: Home office photo courtesy ©Remodelista: The Organized Home, Artisan, 2017. Photo by Matthew Williams, Book photo by Peter Ardito

Best Advice: Remodelista: The Organized Home, by Julie Carlson and Margot Guralnick

1. Maximize vertical space with a wall-mounted pegboard organizer. Movable shelves can hold knickknacks, while pegs function as hooks to hang scissors, tape, and cords. This model is from Kreisdesign, but you can DIY one with hardware-store supplies.

2. Look like a minimalist, even if you aren't one: Digitize as much as possible, including bulky manuals. Keep coupons and receipts in sturdy storage boxes, so you always know their whereabouts.

3. Furniture with built-in cable management is your new best friend, especially if you have a lot of devices to charge. IKEA's Alex desk has a long, narrow channel in the back for tucking in unruly wires and power strips. 

Living Room

organize living room book
Credit: Living room photo courtesy Weldon Owen, Book photo by Peter Ardito

Best Advice: The Complete Book of Home Organization, by Toni Hammersley

1. Showcase your prized collections by giving them some wall space. Picture ledges turn favorite album covers into artwork, and ditto for family photos or framed prints. For larger items like potted plants or candles, try a set of deep floating shelves.

2. Track down all the books scattered around your home and put them in a central location. Weed out titles you no longer need and categorize what's left for easy reference. Arrange them in a way that works for you: alphabetizing, colorizing, or even organizing by size.

3. Consoles offer a lot of organizational bang for the buck. They're slim enough for tight spaces but still manage to hold (and hide) a fair amount. Find one with drawers to stash small things that easily go missing, and set bins underneath as bonus space for extra blankets and such.


Best Advice: New Minimalism, by Cary Telander Fortin and Kyle Louise Quilici


organize kitchen before book
Credit: Kitchen photo by Kelly Ishikawa, Book photo by Peter Ardito


organize kitchen after
Credit: Photography by Kelly Ishikawa

1. Stacked dinnerware looks way better if you lose all those one-offs and weird mugs eating up cabinet space. For total Zen in your cupboards, consider all-white pieces. They go with everything and look great even if they're mismatched. Score wallet-friendly options at a restaurant-supply store. 

2. Keep the things you use daily (water bottles, juice glasses) within arm's reach. Reserve higher spots for larger items needed only on occasion, like platters and pasta makers.

3. Clear those counters. Gain back prep space by stowing bulky appliances. And don't overload your utensil crock! Give it a good edit every few months and drop nonessentials in a drawer.