How to Organize Your Bathroom

Who knew our favorite kitchen accessories would have chemistry with the bathroom, too? Use them to take your vanity from cluttered to classy.
counter culture

1. Loofahs
We know egg poachers come in sets, so steal one from your cupboard to cradle damp loofahs or washcloths. Tack it to the wall above the sink, or rest it nearby.

2. Makeup Brushes
Keep your brushes, eyelash curlers and tweezers off the counter by hanging them from a magnetic knife block. For tools that aren't naturally attracting, glue a tiny magnet to the handle.

3. Mouthwash
Get rid of the storebought bottle (and unsightly label) by transferring the liquid into a glass wine decanter.

4. Bar Soap
Use a veggie peeler to shave off bits of soap into small curls so your guests only take the amount they need. Store the slices in a pretty tea saucer or ramekin.

5. Cotton Balls
Store cotton balls or makeup sponges in old jam jars or juice glasses. To remove labels, soak the glass in hot, soapy water overnight and scrub the sticker off in the morning.


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