Got a little whimsy and a willingness to water just once a month? Make the of-the-moment houseplant!

terrarium place

Place a handful of small rocks in the bottom of a clean glass container.

terrarium soak

Soak some dried moss in water for one minute, then gently wring it out. Push it down over the rocks to cover completely. Add a layer of unfertilized soil.


Arrange fresh moss on top and add more rocks to make a mini landscape. Position taller pieces to stand up like trees and flatter ones to act as grass.


Add fun flare. Prop tiny figurines, animals and buildings into the moss to create a theme. (Unpainted metal objects may rust, but just about anything else goes!) Place a lid on the container to seal the terrarium and lock in moisture.

terrarium rocks


Rocks for aeration

Small rocks help prevent mold by providing air pockets beneath the damp moss and soil. Choose crushed marble, pea gravel or polished rocks. Available at garden shops, hardware stores or the fish aisle at a pet store.


Potting soil and dried moss for nutrients

and moisture Just a thin layer is all you need to water and nourish the fresh moss. Available at garden or hardware stores.

terrarium fresh

Fresh moss for greenery

About 10 terrarium-friendly types exist (cushion, rock cap, sheet or fern mosses are easy to find), but all are equally low-maintenance. Available online (try or or at garden stores.

terrarium extras

Fun Extras!

Cheeky flourishes make each terrarium unique. Search toy stores, hobby shops and websites for miniature figures (like those meant for model railroads). has hundreds of hilarious pintsize characters and scenery props, like hot dog carts and park benches.


Bring a fun theme to life with backyard items -- twigs, acorns and pieces of bark are pretty additions. Terrariums make great personalized gifts, too.

terrarium nature

If you love nature!

terrarium travel

If you love to travel!

terrarium party

If you love a great party!

terrarium read

If you love to read!

terrarium jar


Canning Jar

terrarium gum

Bubble Gum Machine


Decorative Bottle