Legos aren't just for kids, you can create centerpieces out of those blocks! Not only are they a one-of-a-kind decoration, but they're also super simple to make.


Hit the Bricks

Our favorite toy isn't just for building houses, now it's for decorating them, too! Inspired by the cool designs and artwork inside the new Legoland Hotel near San Diego, we asked the masterminds at the Lego workshop to create these vases just for us!

Lego Centerpieces

Short Supply

All you need to make your vase: These standard Lego pieces and our easy-to-follow tutorial.

Lego Centerpieces

Final Product

It should take you about 20 minutes -- if the kids help!

Lego Centerpieces

Faux Show

You've made the vase, now fill it! Use real flowers or complete the theme with brick blooms. These are the pieces you need to make the stem.

Lego Centerpieces

Make the Stem

Stack green cylinder blocks and a "leaf" piece (in any order) over a brown stem. Keep stacking until your stem is long enough to fit in the vase.

Lego Centerpieces

Petal to the Metal

To finish the flower, these are the pieces you'll need.

Lego Centerpieces

Make the Bloom

Starting with the base (1), connect four petals (2), then a center disk (3). Flip it over and attach an anchor block (4). With a connector block, attach the bloom to the stem (5).

Lego Centerpieces

Fully Bloomed

How simple and sweet is that?

Lego Centerpieces

Piece Out

Quick tip: Did you know the Star Wars X-Wing starfighter, the world's biggest Lego model, recently landed in NYC's Time Square? The larger-than-life spacecraft is made of 5.3 million bricks and weighs 48,000 pounds!

Star Wars starfighter

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