How to Make a Decorating Tube

For this issue, as we chopped, sliced, basted and tasted our way through more than 75 recipes -- that's about 1,000 ingredients! -- we discovered tips and tricks that we gotta share. Check'em out!
tube 1

CUT a square of parchment, available in supermarkets. Fold the square in half diagonally, then cut on the fold to make two triangles.

tube 2

PLACE the long edge of one of the triangles so that it faces you, then lift the right-hand point, curling it so it lines up with the top of the triangle.

tube 3

HOLD the first point in place, then bring the left-hand point of the triangle around the cone. Make sure the cone's nose is closed.

tube 4

MAKE several folds at the top and tape the outer seam. Fill the cone and snip off a tiny bit of the nose. Presto! Squish the frosting through the opening.

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