How to Grill in the Winter

To prove that Old Man Winter's got nothing on grills, Jim Webster, winner of Mario Batali's Ultimate Grilling Contest, shares his grill skills for the colder months.
short ribs

Charring fruit on the grill is one of summer's finest treats. In winter, make glazes with jarred jams like orange or apricot. Warm them over low heat and slather onto pork or poultry before grilling.

Add fresh herbs like sage and rosemary to sauces or glazes and brush onto meat or fish for a warm, woodsy flavor.

Stuff chicken breasts or steaks with other meats, like ground sausage, salami or ham. Don't just take Jim's word for it -- his pork tenderloin stuffed with sausage and wrapped in pancetta got him first place in the competition!

Try Baby Back Ribs with Jammy Glaze

Try Grilled Herbed Sausages

Try Pancetta-Stuffed Beef Tenderloin with Port Mushrooms


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