We'll tell you how to get your 15 minutes of fame on TV or the big screen, at a sports game, on an internet cooking show, or on the Rachael Ray show.

15 minutes of fame

Go ahead: Unleash your inner celebrity with these who-knows-you-might-get-noticed tricks.


...by airing your own internet cooking show on foodtube.net, the culinary answer to YouTube.
 Create a free profile and upload cooking videos or publish your own blog. Since you're the director and the star, you can edit out any mistakes -- and avoid your personal bad angles. Imagine: Your "famous" apple pie could actually become famous.

...as an extra on TV or the big screen.
 Even if acting isn't your forte, you can still stand behind your favorite actors -- and get paid for it -- by checking with your local film commission, then registering through a casting agency, says Kristan Berona, casting director at Sande Alessi Casting. Besides stargazing and pocketing a few bucks, you can indulge in the free all-you-can-eat catering.

...on the projection screens at a sports game.
 Catch the eye of a cameraman between plays or during time-outs, says Pat Gilligan, who directs the screens at San Diego's Petco Park and Qualcomm Stadium. Lenses aren't aimed at the nosebleed section, so get low-level seats or run down to boost your chances. Paint your face and do a crazy dance to get noticed. Or carry a sign: "Make them short and clever," says Gilligan.

...by stealing the spotlight (well, momentarily) on the Rachael Ray show!
 Get free tickets to a live taping at rachaelrayshow.com, then prepare for your close-up. Arrive at the studio early to increase your chances of being seated in one of the hot spots -- the aisles or front row. If a cameraman sees you looking actively engaged (chuckling, smirking or with eyes wide open), he'll hover on you until he catches you cracking up or nudging your neighbor, says show director Gene Bernard. Your clothes should do some of the talking, too: "We like to shoot solid, bright colors that are TV-friendly," Bernard says. White is too bright, so stick to a vibrant red or blue.

...by entering our Take 5 recipe contest.
 Do you make a great dish with just 5 ingredients? Send it to us! We publish a winner's recipe every month.

...by starting a blog.
 Share your thoughts with Every Day People with your very own blog and you never know where it might go. (Julie & Julia, anyone?)

...by posting pics of your amazing cooking.
 Post pictures of what you're cookin' in the kitchen in our Photo Galleries -- we publish one of our favorites in each issue of the magazine!