Too busy to hit the gym? L.A.-based trainer Kathy Kaehler shows us how to get an on-the-go cardio boost with a deck of cards. Or reach into the fridge and try this no-hassle exercise, designed by personal trainer Sabrena Newton, of Lawrence, Kansas.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005

GRAB A DECK OF CARDS1. Stand in a spot where you can take three giant steps to the right. Hold 20 cards from the deck in your left hand.

2. With one card in your right hand, do a three-step shuffle to the right. Lunge with your right leg, placing the card next to your right foot.

3. Stand up and shuffle back to the left. Switch the pile of cards to your right hand and hold one card in your left hand. Lunge, placing a card by your left foot.

4. Continue shuffling back and forth until all of the cards are stacked on the floor -- 10 on your right and 10 on your left.

5. After a quick breather, shuffle to the right and pick up one card. Continue shuffling back and forth, picking up one card at a time until they're all back in your hands.

REACH INTO THE FRIDGE1. Stand tall, engage your abdominals and relax your shoulders. Grasp two half-gallon plastic jugs of milk by the handles, one in each hand, with your thumbs pointing toward the caps and your wrists in a resting position.

2. With your arms alongside your body and your elbows close to your ribcage, slowly lift the milk jugs, moving only your lower arms, until your thumbs are shoulder-level. Pause briefly at the top. Reverse the motion, at half the speed, returning the milk to the starting position.