Quick fixes from celebrity hairstylist Alyn Topper, of Bravo's Blowout.
salvage bad hair

1. Turn up the heat.
 Tame any frizzy spots with a curling iron.

2. Take a dry shower.
 Degrease hair by adding a little baby powder or dry shampoo (available at drugstores), then brush.

3. Make bangs behave.
 Mist them with water; then, instead of brushing, blow-dry and use your fingers to flatten.

4. Lift hair off your face for instant glamour.
 Rach's style pal, Gretta Monahan suggests pulling a 2- to 3-inch section (use your eyebrow arches as markers) to the top of your head, leaving a little bump so it's not taut. Then, place the bobby pins in an "X" shape to secure. Finish with a shot of hairspray.