How to feng shui your day at the beach

Feng shui: It's not just an interior-design tactic. Turns out you can also fine-tune your surroundings for a better day at the beach, says expert Jayme Barrett.
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1. Set up your blanket away from the water, where there are large rocks, a dune or a wooden fence behind you. "Knowing you won't have waves crashing at your feet or sand kicking up behind you just makes it easier to unwind," Barrett says.

2. Basking in the elements is healing, but keep your exposure in check -- too much can overstimulate and drain you. Face away from the sun or camp out under an umbrella.

3. Every color you look at affects your energy. Bring a blanket and accessories in calming tones like blue, purple and green, and toss in some snacks in the blue-green family, such as berries, plums, grapes or edamame.

shiitake Leek Sesame Noodles

For lunch, pack:

Shiitake, Leek and Sesame Noodles



Chicken, Plum and Red Onion Kebabs


Plus a thermos of:

Jewel Punch


1. Think about the first sunny day in spring: You feel revved, right? The sun's rays can give you energy -- as long as you get them in moderation, Barrett says. Whether you're playing volleyball or floating on a raft, face the sun in order to reap the benefits.

2. Feeling social? Spend plenty of time by the water's edge. Sounds hokey, but crashing waves cause an electric charge in the air that's been said to have mood- and energy-boosting powers.

3. Red, orange and yellow are like color caffeine: They have a stimulating effect. Bring a towel or wear a bathing suit with shades in this spectrum. And don't forget to work these colors into your picnic lunch -- peaches, watermelon and bell peppers are some energizing options

deviled eggs

For lunch, try:

Deviled Eggs with Picked Red Onions


And a cooler full of:

Adam's Baby Back Ribs with Apricot BBQ Glaze


Plus a thermos of:

Watermelon Agua Fresca


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