How to Design Your Office Space

When the magazine staff moved to a new building, we vowed not to bring our old desk woes with us. We turned to Rach's design buddy, Evette Rios, for easy ways to help perk up our work spaces.

"I hate the harsh task lighting at my desk. Any ideas?" --Diane Dragan, online executive editor

Evette says: Bring in a decorative lamp with a soft bulb -- it'll cozy up the area instantly. If it's too bulky for your commute, tote in the base and shade on separate days.

"Where can I store my snacks so they're away from my work papers?" --Allyson Dickman, editorial assistant

Evette says: Make use of vertical real estate and tack them up on a corkboard or pin-friendly wall. If you'd rather keep munchies for your eyes only, tuck them into an organizing tray in your desk drawer.

"I'm afraid that if I use my file folders, I'll forget what I've filed away. How can I keep papers handy without creating clutter?" --Nicole Cherie Jones, assistant food editor

Evette says: My favorite trick is twisting them into a tabletop wine rack. Gently roll up papers and slide them in the slots. You can even label the slots ("to do," "invoices," etc.) to remind you what goes where.

"I can't stand staring at my computer cords! Help!" --Mai Hoang DeVore, research chief

Evette says: Hide them from sight with something colorful and cute. Gather the cords together, then tie thick ribbons or pieces of fabric around the bunch. It'll help keep them from tangling, too.

"How can I have a more stylish space in general?" --Gina Hamadey, senior editor

Evette says: A few bright accessories from home can do wonders. Pick ones that are easy to bring in, like a small rug or a swatch of wallpaper to hang over one wall (just tack it up with pins or stick-on Velcro).