How to De-Sand at the Shore

Champion bodysurfer and former lifeguard Todd Sells knows how to leave grains where they belong -- on the beach.
how to desand

We love heading to the beach and throwing a pack-and-go party -- whether it's a a trip 'round the world, a taste-testing bash, a romantic picnic or a high-energy adventure. But when you're ready to throw in the towel, these tips will help you get home grit-free.

1. Take the plunge. Sells dives under water to loosen sand between his suit and his skin. For stubborn grains, he quickly pulls his trunks off and back on while submerged.

2. Tail the wave. Swim back to shore in calmer water just behind a big wave. Swells tend to stir up loose sand, so catching a wave will just get you gritty all over again.

3. Hose down. After a gingerly walk through the sand, do a final rinse under the beachside shower. Don't forget the feet! You're all set for a sand-free walk to the car.

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