Put your neighbor's jack-o'-lantern to shame.

hanging gourd

Hanging Gourd
 Don't worry if you're not the best carver: Even a botched jack-o'-lantern will look special dangling from a tree. Cut holes on opposite sides of a pumpkin, about 2 inches below the rim, then run a piece of thick string through the holes and tie the ends. Place a glow stick inside, top with the pumpkin lid and hang from a branch, away from walkways.

hanging gourd

Orange Thumb
 Nothing scary here. Buy a flowering plant that's potted in a plastic container slightly smaller than your pumpkin. Carve a hole into the top of the pumpkin, scrape out the insides and poke a drainage hole at the bottom. Place the pot inside.

hanging gourd

 What to do with your family's multiple jack-o'-lanterns? It's so expected to cluster them by the door. Stack them up instead: Dig a 6-inchdeep hole in the ground, insert a broomstick (or sturdy branch) and fill with dirt. Carve holes slightly wider than the broomstick into the tops and bottoms of your jack-o'-lanterns. Carefully thread each pumpkin onto the broomstick, piling them and placing a glow stick in each one.