Rach's buddy Gretta Monahan shows how a few tweaks to your makeup and clothing can help you fake the perfect grin.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005
brighten your smile

Tone down the rest of your makeup to make sure your smile is the star: Use concealer to even your skin tone, dust on a translucent pressed powder, and sweep on a blush that is just a shade or two pinker than your natural color. Finish the natural look with mascara.

Accessorize with off-white accents like pearl earrings or alabaster beads and charms. They're milky in color, so your smile will look especially white in comparison.

Accentuate your smile with lipstick in a true red shade or one with subtle brown undertones -- orange-based reds will only make your smile look dingy. If you have fair skin, try a red stain instead of lipstick, and top with a sheer gloss. For darker skin, pick a deep burgundy.

Draw attention toward the face with a V-neck collar or long necklace. Any button-down blouse will do the trick. For an extra touch of drama, pop the collar to frame your face.

Wear fabrics in the blue family, like dark purple, navy and gray -- natural highlighters for your smile. The color contrast will make your pearly whites look, well, pearlier and whiter.

Products to help keep your smile sparkling between dentist visits.

Darphin Denblan Whitening Formula Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste ($20, darphin.com) may be pricier than your average tube, but it's loaded with natural ingredients: Fennel extract relieves sensitive gums, and pineapple helps resist tartar.

While you're getting ready to go out, slip on a Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal ($45, at drugstores). It does its thing in 30 minutes a day, and conforms to teeth, so you can even sip water while it works.

Keep portable Go Smile Touch Up Ampoules ($10, gosmile.com) in your purse to stop everyday stains like coffee and red wine from setting.

Citrus: Acids in fruits like oranges and lemons can soften and wear away enamel, which protects your teeth.
Soda & Juice: Sugary drinks cause decay. Have them with meals, when saliva flow is high and neutralizes the effects.

Crunchy Vegetables: All that chomping produces more saliva, which helps flush food out of teeth and stimulates the gums.
Cheese: The high calcium levels strengthen enamel. Eating a chunk can lessen the corrosive power of sugar, too.


*Prices and other details were accurate when we published this article in March 2010.