Retinoids are great youth boosters, but if you want to go beyond topicals, here are some trending options.

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Illustration by Hanna Barczyk
| Credit: Illustration by Hanna Barczyk


You may have heard of Fraxel, Vbeam, and other light therapies available on the market. These procedures definitely trigger fibroblasts to produce collagen. But you may experience some discomfort, and there can be a little bit of downtime for healing. Oh, and prices vary widely per session but start in the hundreds of dollars.

Forma Treatment

Touted as a noninvasive facelift, the Forma device "uses radio frequency technology to rebuild collagen from the inside out," says Diana Seo, an aesthetician and the owner of the Collagen Bar in New York City. "With a wand, heat is applied directly to the skin, tricking it into thinking it's wounded. This puts collagen production into overdrive." Forma starts at $180 per session and can cause temporary swelling and redness.