Make one of these edible gifts and wrap it up!
Candy in Whine containers



S'mores Stacks

Gram Crackers with Cream Packed in box with Wine Ribbon

Place a few S'mores Stacks end to end in a long white gift box, and wrap with caramel- and chocolate-colored ribbons to match.

Pretzel Turtles

Candy packed in container with white ribbon

Roll a piece of square card stock into a cone, seal the edges with tape and fill with pretzel turtles. Cover the cone with wrapping paper and tie closed with a ribbon.

Honey Nut Butter and Jelly

Containers of Jams in loaf of bread

Cut the top off a loaf of crusty bread and hollow out two holes for the jars of nut butter and jelly. Replace the bread top and tie the loaf with a ribbon.

Parmesan Flats

Make a color copy of your favorite fabric and tape it to a tall tin using double-sided tape. Finish with a coordinating ribbon.